Ron Paul: Cut Foreign Aid, Unshackle Israel, Leave Iran Alone


Mark Matheny
December 27, 2011

In an interview on Fox News, Ron Paul gives a true assessment concerning Iran, and the propaganda being shoveled out by the major mainstream news sources. He explains that the CIA has already admitted there is no real evidence that Iran is anywhere near to obtaining a nuclear weapon, and that the country is a third world nation with many bigger countries surrounding it, and that its surrounding countries do have nuclear weapons.

In the interview he also explains that Iran would probably not want to go up against Israel, which has approximately 300 nuclear weapons in its stockpile.

When asked about foreign aid to Israel, Ron paul responded, saying,
" I'm against all foreign aid, and if we cut out all the foreign aid, ah.. today, we would cut out seven times more foreign aid to the enemies of Israel, but I wouldn't give foreign aid to Israel. I want Israel to have their own national sovereignty, I don't want them to depend on us either for the money which socializes their economy and they're in financial trouble as well, and I don't want them to depend on us to tell them how to draw up their peace treaties or what to do with their borders. So yes. We should have friendship with them, and we should trade with them, but total dependence on the United States and on our money is a bad risk for them.."

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