February 15, 2011

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Peter Schiff exposes the outrageous deception of the current Obama administration in their effort to carry the "recovery" theme to new heights.


Obama's budget farce, German takeover of the NYSE


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February 16, 2011

Why has the media left untouched the mystery of Mubarak’s reported coma coinciding with his sudden departure? Was his untimely illness a side-effect of the U.S.-backed military coup that removed him from power only days ago? Are we to believe that the Egyptian dictator’s 30-year political career and personal health failed at the exact same time with no correlation? Alex Jones examines these questions in a special video address.


The Takedown of Hosni Mubarak

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Mark Matheny exposes the plan of the Elite to create a New World Order through carefully coordinated agendas of the U.N. disquised as humanitarian and ecological efforts. These plans however, are geared to reduce the total earth population by 80% and bring all nations under an international post-industrial Feudal Military Global Regime. (Originally completed in May of 2009).


Agenda 21- Codex- Fema Camps-80% Depopulation = New World Order (Terror Camps: The Global Agenda)


Editor's Note:This clip is from October 21, 2010, but the message here is clear. We need every American to stand side by side against tyranny!!!

A Gallup poll shows that 59% of Americans disagree with their government and believe it has to much power. A lot of midterm election candidates have said that they are anti big government, but are they really telling the truth? The host of American Resistance Radio Jim Stachowiak says he is tired of groveling at the feet of the NWO and Bilderberg and he doesn't believe the candidates are actually antigovernment because of past elections.


Tired of groveling to Bilderberg, NWO?


Soros-Hand in Middle East Strategy of Tension is Sign of New World Order’s Offshore Corporate Cartel, Not Leftist Agitators

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones

February 12, 2011

Alex Jones breaks down the real factors behind Egypt’s uprising in a special video report where he rebuffs the theories of Glenn Beck, who tries to link the Muslim Brotherhood to radical socialism in the United States. While George Soros has significant influence over these mid-east events, he alone is not the ringmaster in the global game of chess. He is, rather, among those in control of an offshore globalist corporate cartel that dominates the finance of all nations and seeks influence over their domestic affairs.

For Beck, current events in Egypt are occurring as a result of their connection to his pet-list of far-Left idealogues, like Van Jones, and a host of organizations and unions allegedly linked to Soros. While many of these connections are legitimate, Beck obscures altogether the long history of Pentagon intervention in foreign politics. The CIA and U.S. military have, for decades, sponsored and created radical Islamic factions, including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban and more.

What is really underway is a complex series of destabilization efforts all across the Middle East region, and perhaps the making of a wider war. Unlike Sen. Joseph McCarthy, whose pursuit of Communist infiltrators in the U.S. government was based upon real evidence but skewed to appear hysterical and exaggerated, Glenn Beck’s relentless “outing” of Communist influence in modern U.S. and foreign affairs tends to smokescreen the coordinated actions, covert and otherwise, of monopoly capitalists toying with the nations of the world on their “grand chessboard” map.

Glenn Beck is right to warn of a “New World Order,” but wrong to nod to Soros as its captain. Its operators include the most wealthy and dominant bloodlines and their strategic managers. Geo-politics looms large in the scope of perpetual war and rising unrest in the Middle East. Control over the region, along with Central Asia, is believed to be essential for global domination. This aspiring New World Order will divide these nations in order to conquer them, even as they consolidate the major regions under a larger world government.


What really goes on behind the scenes, by those really in power, is staggering to comprehend, without the knowledge that true imperialists always seek to play both sides. Those who think world events are governed by emotion-driven blowback alone might think again; there is more going on. Under the direction of Wall Street, the United States has financed, built and stabilized our greatest enemies, including Nazi Germany, Communist China and Soviet Russia. Sophisticated technology, including nuclear, biological and chemical weapons were transferred to “enemy” states through diplomatic and intelligence channels, with little need for true espionage. Smaller and more tumultuous territories were later given these weapons and technologies as well.


Anthony Sutton: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

Anthony Sutton: Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development

Anthony Sutton: National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union

Maoist China backed by West: The Boxer Rebellion

Smedley Butler: War is a Racket

“The Great Game” – 19th Century competition between British and Russian interests. In the 20th and 21st Centuries, this game continues, though modified by updated factors, in the quest for the new world order endgame via Central Asia lands (yes, the chess reference is deliberate).

Post-WWII redistribution of the territorial “pie” divided the world for a new era. Anglo-American & Western nations became the “First World,” the Soviet sphere, behind the Iron Curtain, became the “Second World.” Many former colonial areas in Latin America, Africa and Asia became the “emerging” and “developing” “Third World.”


Spykman’s Rimland (pictured above), coined during WWII by “godfather of containment” Nicholas Spykman, clearly illustrates the centralized pressures surrounding the crescent shaped swath dividing the First and Second World– from the Europe mainland, to Northern Africa and the Middle East nations, to lower and eastern Asia.

For many reasons, including the struggle for control of resources and dominance over the geo-political arena, this band of lands is destined to remain contentious. For those whose creed is “Ordo Ab Chao,” the chaos of war-torn regions means divisive energy from which to leverage political power.

The master geo-politicians like Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, working on behalf of the combined offshore global banking cartels, openly brag about their exploits on the “Grand Chessboard.” Through the Hegelian dialectic, our times are shaped by divisions over race, creed and nationality. Tension and conflict hold up the rule of corporate and military interests.

Literally hundreds of Third World governments have been over-turned by revolutions, assassinations, and staged coups under the guise of Cold War tensions fueled by the black ops warfare of the CIA/KGB factions.

Bitter disputes like those between Arab states and Israel or India and Pakistan assured those pulling the strings that the only stable governments and strong leaders that would emerge in the Spykman’s Rimland ‘arc of instability’ would be those controlled from behind the scenes. Even then, charismatic heads of state and petty dictators alike have always been dispensable.


Carroll Quigley: The Anglo-American Establishment

Caroll Quigley: Tragedy & Hope

Arnold Toynbee: Acquaintances (See T.E. Lawrence, Nehru, et al.)

T.E. Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia): Seven Pillars of Wisdom

On Toynbee – Arnold Toynbee: Pro-Arab or Pro-Zionist?

Arab and Muslim groups have alternately been both allies and enemies to the West. The contradictions between the distinctions of friend and foe underscore the larger picture, the real story behind the wars and fight for global domination over resources, energy, politics and culture. Here are some of the most compelling bits of evidence that point towards a grand deception in the Middle East and long-term stratagem for perpetual conflict in the region:

• Uncertainty over the current uprising in Egypt is underscored by the Western roots of the looming revolution. The London Telegraph’s original headline, “America’s secret backing for rebel leaders behind Egyptian uprising” tells a story indeed.

• Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh was removed via a CIA destabilization coup in 1953 known as Operation Ajax [see Terrorstorm]. Mossadegh, who was educated in the West and had a moderate, secular rule, had defied the oil companies in attempt to nationalize energy profits.

• The Muslim Brotherhood, now pivotal in Egyptian political turmoil, has been Western sponsored for decades. The CIA and other intelligence agencies partnered with the Brotherhood in opposing Nasser, who died in 1970. Similarly, Israeli, British and U.S. intelligence proved to be behind the formation and leadership of Hamas, considered an anti-Western terrorist organization.

• The United States Department of Education and State Department sponsored pro-jihadist textbooks sent to Afghanistan to radicalize children to grow up and fight the Soviet menace. The books remained a scandal when they proved to have influenced a generation of fighters that would be associated with the Taliban and al Qaeda.

•In 1979, then National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and the contingent of U.S. backers saw these Afghans as “freedom fighters.” By the late 90s, they became more widely regarded as terrorists, who, by 2001, would grow to ‘hate our freedoms.’

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Dear Glenn Beck, Egypt Destabilization-Op Hatched by Globalists, Not Communists


Confidential discription of a facility secretly photographed by an employee. The true purpose of the building is not known. [endtext]

FEMA Facility pic Leaked


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