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Virginia Air National Guard F-22 Raptor pilots Major Jeremy Gordon and Captain Josh Wilson were on CBS's 60 Minutes tonight. While there were no major revelations, the two aviators added detail to what was already known.

The two working theories as to the root cause of the Raptor's oxygen system maladies are still a toss-up between either some sort of toxin or some sort of oxygen flow/quality problem--as I have reported since the beginning of this mess. Though I will say some of the symptoms as described remind me of decompression sickness, but that's purely my own observation.

Of particular interest is the fact that the charcoal filters--which were added after last year's F-22 grounding was lifted--were breaking up and ending up in the pilots' air flow. This was causing some of the pilots to cough up some nasty black stuff...

The USAF has removed those filters and is apparently looking for a replacement. When that might happen is anyone's guess...

This problem was predicted by a good source of mine when the US Air Force started to consider lifting the flight ban last September. The charcoal filters were tested at Edwards AFB in California, but without G loads on the test card--so I was told. The source had predicted correctly that the filters would break-up and cause further problems (such as face full of carbon)--as has proven to be the case.

But the USAF was pretty seriously gunning for my head at the time, so I just left well enough alone for the time being...
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Whistleblowers Reveal Major Pentagon Secret of Deadly Toxin Added to Jet Fuel



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"Ron Paul invented the notion of a populist, activist, modern movement thats transpartisan" says Reason's Brian Doherty

Brian Doherty sat down with ReasonTV to talk about his new book and how Ron Paul has changed politics in America. Doherty wrote about the evolution of the libertarian movement in his 2007 book "Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement". He has been following and writing about Ron Paul and his movement since then. Doherty examines Ron Paul's influence in a new book out May 15, "Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired".

Brian Doherty "documents the meteoric rise of Paul from relative obscurity to national prominence, and examines the fanatically devoted political movement that has arisen around him."

Doherty spoke with ReasonTV in January while covering the Iwoa caucus to talk about Ron Paul's campaign and the movement that has been built around him primarily over the past four years.

Approximately 3:30 minutes.

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Brian Doherty on Ron Paul's Revolution


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An Exclusive interview, Alex Jones interviews Sen. Rand Paul on NDAA, TSA undercover on Houston busses, Obama's overall neglect of the Constitution, his possible impeachment and much more. This is a must see video. [endtext]

Sen. Rand Paul Confronts Obama Crimes


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