Buying Chemicals at the Store Could Make You a Terrorist


Mark Matheny
August 12, 2011

Buying chemicals at your local retail store could now make you a possible terror suspect according to the FBI who has now teamed up with the Columbus Ohio Bomb squad.

The agency has created a program called the "Chemical Industry Outreach Program", so that store employees can identify potential threats and notify the proper authorities. This would fall into the "see something - say something" program started by Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security.

"We have this big thousand piece, ten thousand piece puzzle and we're looking for that one little piece," said Capt. Steven Saltsman of the Columbus Division of Fire.

The real intent behind programs such as this recent one by the FBI, as well as the "see something-say something" program, are not to identify and punish criminals and terrorists so much ( although this is the stated goal presented in the media propaganda), but the real intention is:

instead a calculated propaganda device designed to foster and expand the phony and profitable war on manufactured terror and decidedly acclimate citizens to an ever encroaching police state.

Since there are potentially hundreds of combinations of ordinary household chemicals that could be lethal if mixed, you may become the subject of an FBI investigation the next time you purchase a large quantity of fertilzer for that garden, or cleaning supplies for a big cleaning project.



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